Chaos at War

Two out of three aint bad.

Not the underpants you were looking for.


+250 XP from last time.

The lava is 2 yards, the mountain rumbles…. Ravi grabs up the sword and they head up to the main chamber. Rocks start falling from the ceiling. They come crashing down. One bounces off the ground and Laric goes down. Ani is able to haul him up due to his petit nature and carries him up as the elves sprint ahead. Cae is hit and stumbles a bit, but recovers with elfish grace.

As Cae and Ravi emerge into the main chamber they are greeted by the boys, who call out for our crew to save the girls. Lara and Ravi sprint down the South tunnel “come with us if you want to live.” Ravi then looks to Lara and says, “Why do I sound like that?” The girls come out of the cavern and all are now racing toward the main cavern as the lava continues to reclaim the mountain. Meanwhile Cae is helping the boys cross the chasm, practically brimming with lava. As Lara and Ravi hit the main cavern they see that the boys are across. Lara begins to lead the girls across a big boom erupts and a large rock falls. Ravi reaches out and grabs the girl, who is falling from the ledge he calls back, “take that, Gottfried! I saved the girl!” They continue to shuffle very quickly along the ledge and out of the cave. Sprinting full down the steep slope to the village they dash.

Just to check, our heros steal a glance back to see the doom they have escaped. Much to their dismay the mountain is oozing lava, which may very well overcome the village. Laric yells to have Ravi run ahead and warn the village. It’s now early morning and the sun is just cresting behind the mountain.

Ravi arrives and furiously starts banging on doors trying to rouse people to get them out. A couple of people pop their heads out and dismiss the warnings. The rest run down into the village and see Ravi being completely unconvincing. Laric then opens his big mouth “look at that mountain; it is clear the Gods have forsaken us! We have brought your children back and refused to let the lava take us.” The towns people come out. After one of the starts yelling.” The children the children!!!” They start frantically looking around. Laric grabs a girl and asks, “The taken girl, what was her name?”

Her name was Gina. Laric sees some frantic parents looking. And laric approaches them and they dialogue about how the crew could not save her, but tried (grapple schmapple). The mother beings to cry. The man looks at the woman and says, come Camilla, we must save ourselves now. Cae saddles a random horse and Ravi mounts it. Somewhere a guy comes running out of a building and guy yells “my horses! Save my horses” as he approaches Ravi and Cae. Ravi asks what they need to do. HE loosely ties them up. Ravi leads his horses uphill. Laric is trying to get the villagers out with Lara and Ani. A towns guard is directing people to a small hill opposite.

Lairc brings up the rear. The buildings start catching fire as the lava descends and smoke begins to shroud the destruction. The keeper thanks Ravi for saving his horses, and asks what boon he wants. Ravi asks for a horse, which he is granted.

Crew leads the people back toward Reichsburg. Laric begins to plot his pamphlets. He decides to write about being a sinner and trying to redeems himself and how Gina, an innocent girl died. And how he now knows that Sigmar has forsaken us. They make camp and Lara cashes in her night of musical servitude for Laric to cheer up the folks. They get the next town. Ravi thanks the horse trader and is wished well to take care of Hedwig. Laric is able to locate some parchment and becomes an AGITATOR.

Crew makes their way back to Eigendorf. Another night Ravi requests a night 0f Sigmar’s praises and Laric refuses. Laric wishes to talk to Gottfried about Veraina.

At Eigendorf the crew heads for the temple to give the sword to Torindill. Crew bitterly rehashes their adventure and the sacrifice of Gina, Gina the sex machine-a. They are instructed to get a reward from Kaspar Graven. Cae asks where the next sword is.

After the War of the Dead a sword was being escorted back toward here and the escorts were attacked in a forest by some beast-men in the Mercer Forrest in Brittonia. To Lord Graven. He rewards crew $250 gold crowns.

Ani gets a hold of a random Mandolin and does a very nice job painting an epic scene into the wood, and placing careful mother of pearl inlays.

++150 for next time.


Reverend Sodom

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