Chaos at War

To The Island Sanitarium

  • Approach the island with monsters flying around
  • The warden believes he can cure people of chaos-induced insanity.
  • Warden demands to be called Dr. Semund Staudinger
  • We can’t find Wolverman, and we hear from his cellmate that he’s been kidnapped by “the doctors”
  • His cellmate says he was kidnapped by “the blonde doctor” and we learn that there is one doctor on the island who is blonde, Dr. Powers
  • We meet with Dr. Powers and begin trying to intimidate and/or hypnotize him
  • Under hypnosis, Powers admits to draggin him outside the gate
  • A nobleman sent a bribe to have him released
  • We head out beyond the walls to find Wolverman, and as we walk through the woods, something attacks!


Reverend Micah

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