Chaos at War

Back to Sievelheim

  • Given a note to go to Reisberg and get more guards to support the temple.
  • Discuss a plan to keep and/or hide the final blade.
  • Halfling messenger (Karin) tells us that a mercenary in Seivelheim named Wickman spoke to Wolverman
  • Send Karin back to Seivelheim to keep tabs on Wickman while we head to Reisberg to get the guards.
  • Public speaker in Reisberg whipping up a fervor over people in Seivelheim losing their faith
    • Laeric tries to sway the crowds away using public speaking
    • “Are we truly afraid of an army of whores?”
  • To the temple of Verena and ask for help with guards
  • We meet with the head of the temple, and he offers to send 2 of his finest guards to protect the swords
  • Agrees to send a group of guards to Reisberg and protect the swords

In Sievelheim

  • Hermann Missener has posters up where he’s running for Mayor
  • Laeric tells everyone to beware of Hermann, as he’s a dangerous man for the influence he wields
  • Hermann defeated Tyle Roft, the previous mayor.
  • Ask a random passerby what brothel he patronizes. He says that he longs to visit Rosalinda’s, but that’s out of his range.
  • Wolverman is on Fiendon Island Asylum, home for the criminally insane
  • Take a ship to the Asylum with Genovega the witch hunter
    • She tells us that she brought a Knight of Khorne to the asylum
    • They can only be killed in combat


Reverend Micah

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