Many years ago, an army of the undead rose and attacked the Nordland. Many cities were razed in the battles with Chaos. However, two neighboring port towns that shared a prosperous relationship were able to fend off the army of the undead. Not only did they protect themselves, but they also helped win the war against Chaos.

Since then, however, those two towns, Reisberg and Seivelheim, have grown apart. In later generations, many residents of Seivelheim aligned themselves with the trickster God of Ranald. As gambling and thievery became more common, the town became a haven for pirates. This change caused much worry among the residents of Reisberg, who had adopted a more puritanical lifestyle in the worship of Sigmar. While no major violence has broken out among the two towns, there is certainly an air of hostility between them.

However, the forces of Chaos are looming on the horizon and threatens these Nordland. To survive, Reisberg and Seivelheim may need to put aside their differences and join forces once again.

Chaos at War

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